"Third-i changes the way people use their smartphones" 
People look at their phone nearly 25% of the day.
So 25% of the day they are disconnected from their surroundings.
With Third-i people now can see forward while still looking down at their mobile screens.
What do we gain?
• Private & Intimate - while using the camera
• Eye Contact - a window to reality
• Endless Usage Time - natural hand position
• Fingers Free - film and “text” at the same time 
"A brand-new experience on the same device" 

With the innovation of "mobile forward-viewing" concept we brought a new experience to smartphone usage and now we all can utilize the camera while we are still holding our mobile device naturally. 
" We developed the first "mobile forward-viewing" platform "
Third-i welcomes forward-viewing mobile application vendors seeking to empower their user experience, to join a growing Eco-system by integrating Third-i's SDK into their Apps

It catches us everywhere
" Patented  Technology "
Third-i own the patents to positioning cameras on the mobile edge real-estate 
Patent Number: 10171714 (USPTO)
Date of Patent: 1\1\2019
The allowed claims are generic to both embedded solution and removable cover solution.  
180 claims filed, priority date May 2016, worldwide phase.
Continuation applications for additional concepts included in the PCT application will follow.
" Contact Us "
Amos Cohen
CPO & C0-Founder 

Itzik Levi
CEO & C0-Founder 
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